Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stay away from the SONY laptops..

Oh dear...
Sony VAIO makes some really pretty laptops that are cool looking, and mostly functional. Problem is they provide hardly any upgrade path unlike other OEM's. I have a SONY VGN-SZ330P. Nice aluminum cast shell, really pretty looking.

First i was a bit irritated when i learned they dont support Intel-VT enabling in their BIOS, even though the processor is able to handle it. But that was ok.. maybe they didnt want to support issues on laptop for virtualization products and such.. other than the fact i cant use it for some of my top applications it didnt bother me much later.

Windows 7 is out, and seems pretty darn good in terms of startup, visual appearence and making a better PC than XP. Looks like we have 2 devices for which Sony doesnt offer driver udpates yet, which is a real pain. The laptop is about less than 2 years old with core2 duo, and its a bummer that you cant use it with the most recent operating system.

Mass Storage
Windows 7 compatibility scan shows there is an update, but i havent been lucky to locate one yet.


Such a bummer that we cant use a nice laptop like this one with the most recent OS, given that this isnt such an old laptop.

Hope Sony would do something to make these better than paper weights.

Hoping someone would post a link to the drivers for Windows 7 64bit version...

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