Thursday, March 27, 2008

China == the great firewall!

Just after jet lag, and spending some time with kids over spring break...

getting back to my blogging... more pictures of Shanghai downtown comming next.. truly amazing..

Its simply amazing... that a country would just block certain sites, especially ones that are free expression.. like google blogger accounts, livejournal, youtube and such...

for crying out loud... even wiki...

we were in a hotel and i guess its strange, it permits to enter new blog accounts, but you can't read em.. same with livejournal.

we just found a way to work around it though... login to your vpn account in the US, and then you are on your way... :)

We also find quite strange stories in the papper, it appears just flavoured to what the people should hear rather than what you see happen.

But the people seem pasionate about what the goverment is doing though... which appeared strange.!

Newpappers had good coverage of sports similar to India, i had seen very good overall news coverage and sports in less papper than what i see here in Oregonian.

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