Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unlocking my Sunrocket PAP2 (2102-R)

Finally.. i have that dead beast fully awakened. I was not paying attension for a while and seems someone has done a great job of automating via livecd. Basically the profile on the pap2 is set to get updates just from one server from sunrocket. So the guy basically created a livecd with apache web browser, whose IP is the restricted ip on the gizmo.

1. Setup a crossover cable between your computer and the gizmo.
2. keep the gizmo powered down.
3. Download and create a livecd as documented in link.
- Livecd from here
4. Power your pap2, make sure the cable is connected to the Internet jack (blue)
5. Boot livecd, you should see the internet link turn green.
6. Test if the IP is assigned
- Pickup the phone
- ****
- 110#
7. Now just follow the instructions on the screen.

Shoun'nt take more than couple minutes. If it takes too long, there is cable issues, or maybe your device didnt get ip. Sometimes its that the laptop you use is too new and the livecd cannot handle the network card.

8. Now signup with gizmo project, and you can setup the device.
9. I actually setup grandcentral to forward to gizmo device, and sort of have a free incomming local land line now.!


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