Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blasts in Mumbai...

This is real bad... i love the way India Responded... Strong. India is resilient, and iam very confident India will spring back much more stronger. We live in crisis always and know how to handle this. Its very sad and the target are unassuming peace loving civilians that are choosen to be targets..

Its really hard to live peacefully with all the distractions muslim terrorists create. I have some really good muslim friends who feel sorry and are rather ashamed that a few could completely disrespect the religion and the purpose for which it rather came to existance.

I was listening to CNN after a long time to capture a glimpse of whats happening. Larry King was on discussing with Deepak Chopra. Right after that i heard a comment from CNN reporter Christianne Ammanpoor which is rather shocking. She appeared very upset with Deepak's comments hinting pakistan's involvement and appeared to rather justify the attacks. She said that the 150 million muslims are underprevilegded. Come on Christanne.. you better read and know more before becomming emotional and acting up... It makes me sick to hear your comments.

More facts by some poster here

Its clear muslims have more freedom and representation... Would christianne justify if the underpreveleged blacks in USA do something similar. Its compeltely irresponsible for someone from CNN to do just sloppy representation in a national broadcast. Its a shame that CNN even has her on payroll..

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