Friday, December 5, 2008

Time to standup for Peace... Solidarity and Support

Hello All. We all witnessed the painful events that came about in Mumbai. As Indians in America it's our resposibility to standup show support to all those grieving families back home who lost their closed ones ... and to send a message "we are with you !!".

Come in with Friends and family to join in a Prayer for peace and hold hands together to form a human chain for peace and dress in tri-colors to stand up in a silent protest against the Terror attacks in Mumbai.

The Date & Location are finalized, and the Peace & Prayer vigil will now be held at
3:00 PM on Sunday, December 14th at Pioneer Court House Square, Portland.

Important NOTEs :
• The event is now being held a week later than the original plan. So please make note !
• Due to fire hazard associated with lit candles, local fire department will not allow Candles at Pioneer court house square, so if you plan to bring - please use battery-powered candles ! other options to show support are - flowers, flags !
• Please be on-time and plan to arrive early than late (no IST please !)

Spread the word.. and do take a moment out of your busy schedules, and lead by example !

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