Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Wunderland @Portland this december...

Okydok... it usually only lasts a couple days.. this time its getting to be close to 2 weeks. Is this all global warming heh?

Spending time with family for the first week was all great.... lots of table tennis at basement, Many movies from Hollywood (we just signed up for the month plan), borrowed more movies from neighbors... its great...

I have no chains now, so stuck at home.. got them 2006, but never knew how to use them. So we ended up giving it back to Les Schwab. Here is a video from Les Schwab.

Here are some pictures of our deck. Now i promise i took some pictures of our family, but fate was not on my side.. i forgot to put the stinking flash card..

I was so dead yesterday :-).. especially with the snow, i cant even run away and take cover from the fire my family was venting at me :-)

Hardly See the legs Private Way totally White

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