Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History in the making....

It was a moment yesterday... a unique chapter was being written that marks a change in America and truly the rest of the world. For the first time, a presidential address that talked about compassion, making forward progress. Two million people, and not a single arrest. Every word Obama spoke was powerful, meaningful and it was clear he spoke those with passion. A 20 minute address, that for the first time spoke some of the bigger religions around, Christians, Hindus.. calling for peace.

John. G Roberts lived up to his nominees expectations... as Chief Justice.. un-der prepared and unable to repeat the words correctly even after Obama gave him a chance to recover, clumsy.. just like the outgoing president.

The costumes.... awesome...Appreciate Michelle Obama for giving young and unknown designers a chance to be part of history, defining first lady by design and not following a traditional color that most would have chosen.

Hope corporate America would be less greedy, and return the country's economy back to where it belongs, hope that religions factions would find a way to live and let others live in peace.

Obama has set himself aside compared to any i have seen so far...

Now its about time, we pick ourselfs up, dust off and get back to work... so off i go..

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