Saturday, January 24, 2009

Werid i would think these would influence Global Warming..

This is a bit humorous to me... Folks i re-iterate this is only for the humor value OK!

  • Bicyclists and Joggers on the road.. I think there is 2 big issues here. One, that this is a serious hazard for others on the road, since we need to adjust to the jogger or bicyclist on the road. I think in addition, by slowing down every car spends more gas burning hydrocarbons... thereby increasing global warming :-)

  • Stop Signs. They are useful in some areas, but i have seen them in certain neighbourhoods such as Murray rd in Beaverton, where this is just simply pain. 9-10 times my stopping is just formality, i have never ever seen a pedestrians, or another car waiting to cross. Again this is certainly contributing to global warming.

  • Pedestrians in shopping areas. I really hate people walking right behind my vehicle when I'm trying to backup from my parking lot in Costo or such. Its strange, the guy walking behind me has immediate knowledge that i'am coming behind, but still chooses his right of way to be directly positioned in a spot that I have real hard time looking into. Why wouldn't they want to stop or take a different path so i can just backup my vehicle?

    The country should make these a bit more practical, i understand people need to cross the road, but consider a place like in front of BestBuy/Winco in Sunset Mall. People would just cross in random intervals not even considering the car is idling to just move ahead. They could put some signals there so pedestrians don't get to choose to walk by always, but be a bit more fair to share the road to cars and keep the pedestrians on pavement where they belong.

    Its time for change America!
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